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Donate plasma in the Donation Centre Vienna 9

Medical Director: Dr. Peter Perger

Medical Director Thrombocytapheresis: Univ. Prof. Dr. Paul Höcker


Alserbachstrasse 18
1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 319 53 63
Fax: +43 1 319 53 63 22
E-Mail: wien9[at]europlasma.at


Opening hours

Mon, Tue, Thu:  07:30 - 19:00 
Fri:  07:30 - 17:00
Sat:  07:30 - 13:00 


Arrange an appointment at the Donation Centre Vienna 9

Last possible donation date: Mon, Tue, Thu. 18:00, Fri. 16:00, Sat. 12:00

Donation appointments are made every quarter of an hour (starting at 7:30 am).
Please report to the reception desk at least 10 minutes before your appointement. To avoid waiting times for you, we recommend you to arrange an appointment.

You are already a registered donor? Here you can make your appointment:

Make an appointment

You want to donate for the first time? Arrange your first appointment now by phone per E-Mail

+43 1 319 53 63

Plasma and thrombocyte donation in the Donation Centre Vienna 9

In our donation centre you can donate both plasma and platelets.


What is platelet donation?

Blood consists of a liquid part, the plasma, and the formed elements, the red and white blood cells and the thrombocytes (= blood platelets). The thrombocytes are important for blood clotting, without these cells a person could not survive, e.g. in wounds there would be no hemostasis.

Platelets are donated by voluntary donors in a similar way to plasma, there are the following differences: 

  • the time required is slightly higher, about 50-70 minutes (accordingly the expense allowance is higher), the blood circulating outside the body is less than in plasma donation and the type of machine used is different.
  • The bag with the removed platelet donation has a content of 300 ml. This bag is irradiated after the donation in order to kill any pathogens.  Because the platelets only have a shelf life of a few days, the donations are delivered to the hospitals immediately.

What are platelet concentrates used for?

  • It's an emergency medication. It is needed when there is a risk of bleeding due to the patient's low platelet count, which can be the case with various clinical pictures. For example, bleeding after accidents (together with blood preserves), in oncological patients undergoing cytostatic therapy or if platelet production is reduced in the case of bone marrow damage.
  • We check each of our plasma donors to see whether a platelet donation is also an option, provided that the initial platelet count is sufficiently high.
  • If you are interested in platelet donation, then simply talk to our doctor. To be able to donate thrombocytes, you must have donated plasma at least once.

Virtual tour of the Donation Centre Vienna 9

Direction to Donation Centre Vienna 9

Tram lines: D, 5, 33 Julius Tandler Platz/
Franz Josefs Bahnhof
Metro U4: Friedensbrücke
Rapid transit railway: Franz Josefs Bahnhof


Donation Centre Vienna 9: Alserbachstrasse 18, 1090 Vienna

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