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From plasma donation to the final medication- a long way

The manufacturing process from the time of plasma donation to the finished plasma preparation can take between seven and twelve months.

The donation process (plasmapheresis)

The process by which the plasma is obtained is called plasmapheresis. While the plasma is collected, the donor gets his red and white blood cells and platelets back.

  • As in blood donation, a cannula is inserted into the arm vein, through which the blood flows into a centrifuge or filter. Centrifuging or filtering separates the blood into blood cells and plasma. 
  • While the plasma is continuously collected in a container, the blood cells are returned to the donor via the collection tube.
  • Plasma collection is based on the pendulum principle: blood collection and return take place alternately until a certain amount of plasma has been collected. The amount donated depends on body weight (max. 700 ml, without anticoagulant). 
  • The plasma donation precess takes about 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

The plasma fractionation

Plasma fractionation is the process for obtaining proteins from human blood plasma. It takes up to twelve months from donation to the production of the finished product with which patients can be treated.

The donated plasma is tested for viruses that could transmit infections via the blood. Each donation is stored in cold storage for 60 days before being combined with other plasma donations for further processing. This starting material is tested again before the actual production process, known as fractionation, begins. During production, therapeutic proteins are extracted from the plasma. The plasma proteins are purified to obtain concentrated and purified proteins (such as fibrinogen, gamma globulin, alpha and beta globulin and albumin). This step also contributes to the virus safety of the product. The finished preparations are packed, labelled and distributed.

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