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Donors tell why they donate

Our donors talk about their personal experiences and why they donate plasma.

We are precious and important for each other

Mr. Almunzer A

"I work in the public sector and have been donating plasma regularly since 16/01/2009, in the meantime I have already reached 566 donations. It is now part of my life planning.
A good friend of mine was a dialysis patient and one day had a surgical procedure for which plasma was needed. I was already a donor at the time, but I didn't realize when he told me about his operation that I had virtually helped him with my donations. Since then I have been donating plasma regularly because I still have it in mind and can help many more people. I also like the pleasant atmosphere and the team in the donation centre in Vienna 9, which always takes care of me in a very friendly way.
It doesn't harm me and it helps many others, I stick to it."


Mr. Meßner Manfred

"To help sick people who are dependent on essential medicines. There are also personal benefits, such as regular free health checks and a reasonable allowance." I have been donating plasma regularly since 2008 and have already donated 203 times."

Mrs. Kramer Andrea

"I am happy to come to your institute in Vienna 9! Everything is so pleasant. The staff the atmosphere. I always say, it is a real "feel-good" institute.  For me, the feeling of being able to help is clearly in the first place. I combine the good with the pleasant. I have been donating plasma since 2001 and have donated 177 times so far."

Mr. Springer Wolfgang

"I've been coming to the Europlasma Centre in the 9th district for plasma donation since 2008. I have now already made 308 donations. The entire staff is well trained and always friendly, the atmosphere is pleasant.  So it is easy to make your medical contribution. But of course the financial reward is also an attractive bonus. I will gladly make my recommendation and will continue to come to the plasma donation."

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