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Quality and safety

The safety of our plasma donors is our highest priority. Many people around the world depend on life-saving drugs derived from human plasma proteins. The voluntary IQPP standards are designed to ensure that the human source plasma collected is of the highest quality. We also have IQPP certification and are regularly audited to ensure that we meet these standards.

Quality and safety

The safety of our donors as well as the recipients is our top priority. Through regular training of doctors and medical staff, we always keep up to date with the latest medical science and technology. We achieve the highest possible quality and safety standards through:


  • the exclusive use of sterile disposables to prevent the transmission of pathogens. The blood of one donor never comes into contact with the blood of another plasma donor.
  • the use of the most modern collection devices (results in a collection that is gentle on the circulation).
  • regular medical examinations
  • strict adherence to the hygiene regulations in the plasma donation centre
  • compliance with the strict national and international guidelines, laws and regulations

Laws and regulations

The collection and processing of blood plasma is subject to various legally binding regulations. Our plasma centres are therefore also inspected and certified at regular intervals by regionally responsible supervisory authorities. These authorities grant and extend the manufacturing license.
The following laws and guidelines, among others, are binding for us: Blood Safety Act, Blood Donor Regulation, Drug Regulation, Haemovigilance Regulation.


Internal controls

In addition to the official controls, we carry out regular self-inspections. During these inspections by our quality management system, processes and existing procedures are critically examined, evaluated and, if necessary, improved. In this way, we meet the high medical and technical safety standards.


Data protection

Your personal data is collected, processed and used in strict compliance with the DS-GVO and with medical confidentiality.


IQPP certification

We also voluntarily participate in the International Quality Plasma Program (IQPP). With the IQPP certification we have proven that we meet these extended quality requirements.
Further information is available at: www.pptaglobal.org 


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