Compensation of

30 €

per donation


Saving lives by donating plasma

Donating plasma is cool!

Human blood plasma is used to produce life-saving drugs. This means help for thousands of people who depend on such drugs for their entire lives. Plasma and plasma products are also used daily in emergency medicine and for surgeries.

So you can save lives

That's what our donors say

All together - for life

"It stings a little - but the consciousness of doing good is indescribable"
"The best part-time job in the world"
"My greatest gift - I help people to survive - a special feeling"

So you can save lives

What patients say

All togehter - for life

"You are my lifesavers"
"Thanks to many plasma donors I can live a normal life"
"Immunoglobulins keep me alive"

So you can save lives

Your first time?

Find all information about your first donation here

You want to have the good feeling of saving lives and helping countless people? Then do it! As a thank you, you will receive a compensation 30 € for each donation.

All information about your first donation

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EUROPLASMA - Save lives by donating plasma!

Dear donors!

We thank you very warmly for being so committed to donating plasma despite these pandemic times! Your plasma donations are irreplaceable. You are making a very valuable contribution to continuous patient care.

Since 01.08.2022, the legal quarantine obligation for people tested positive for Corona is no longer applicable. We therefore ask you to come to the centre in healthy condition ONLY. The following regulations apply to all our centres:

  • Positive test result: Donation pause until PCR test negative or after 10 days have passed
  • Contact with a COVID positive person: Donation pause until PCR test negative or after 10 days.

THERE IS NO mandatory use of masks in our donation centres at the moment!

After a vaccination, a donation pause must be respected. This applies, for example, to flu vaccinations, vaccinations against measles and rubella, and of course also to the COVID-19 vaccination:

  • Please note that you are not allowed to donate for 2 days after each partial Covid-19 vaccination. After donating, we recommend that you do only get vaccinated on the following day.
  • If you have a vaccination reaction after the vaccination, please take a further break of 2 days after the symptoms have disappeared.

We thank you for your understanding!

So why donate plasma?

Good reasons to become a donor

  • Because you can help thousands of people who depend on it for life. 
  • Because human blood plasma is used to produce life-saving drugs that cannot be produced genetically. 
  • Because plasma or plasma products are used daily in emergency medicine and surgery, and you, your family or your friends may need it one day.

It's so easy to save lives

This is how you profit

Your benefit

Regular free health checks by our doctors in the donation centre


The unique feeling
of being able to help


As a thank you, you will receive a compensation of 30 euros per donation


Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing

You can donate here

Our plasma centres

Plasma donation centre

Vienna 9

9th district


Plasma donation centre

Vienna 21

21st district


Plasma donation centre

St. Pölten

Lower Austria

Plasma donation centre


Lower Austria


Plasma donation centre

Hainburg a.d.Donau

Lower Austria


Plasma donation centre




Plasma donation centre






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Frequently asked Questions

All important information about your donation

Every beginning is exciting, we can understand this! It needs a little courage to let yourself be stung, but don't worry, your courage is worth it. Here you can find all details on how to become a plasma donor. And we warmly welcome you already!


What is plasma?

Blood plasma makes up about 55% of our blood and consists of 91% water. It contains more than 120 different proteins that perform vital functions such as defence against infections or coagulation of blood in case of injuries.




Information for donors

Requirements for plasma donation:

  • every healthy person aged at least 18 years
  • minimum 50 kg, maximum 150 kg body weight
  • mental and physical health




Plasma donation process

The process by which the plasma is obtained is called plasmapheresis. While the plasma is collected, the donor gets his red and white blood cells and platelets back.




All our plasma centres

Donate plasma in Austria

Vienna 9th district
Phone: +43 1 319 53 63

Vienna 21st district
Phone: +43 1 908 11 00

Phone: +43 2942 20 333

St. Pölten
Phone: +43 2742 90 333

Hainburg an der Donau
Phone: +43 2165 52 024

Phone: +43 316 29 33 33

Phone: +43 3842 44 404