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Donate plasma in the Donation Centre Retz

Medical Director: Univ. Prof. Dr. Paul Höcker


Dear donors!
The current situation around COVID-19 has again confirmed to us how important and irreplaceable your plasma donations are. Right now, human plasma is urgently needed to produce life-saving drugs for patients. There is a risk of a shortage of plasma-based drugs in a few months. For this reason we ask you to continue donating plasma. You are making a valuable contribution to the continuous care of patients.

We understand that you are concerned about COVID-19. Therefore, all our protective measures are still in place, as your health and safety, as well as that of our staff, is our highest priority. All our employees are either vaccinated or regularly tested on COVID-19!

ATTENTION! CHANGED OPENING HOURS: Our centre is temporarily open on the following days:
Mo, Tue, Thu, Fr: 09:00 - 19:30
Sa 08:00 - 13:00

We appreciate your willingness to donate plasma and ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Please make an APPOINTMENT for your donation and come punctually to the appointment
  • We recommend that you come with an FFP2 mask for your protection. In exceptional cases you will receive an FFP2 mask from us. Please wear it until you leave the centre
  • Carry your donor card (via app or ID card) with you
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters in the centre
  • Please follow the instructions of our employees 
  • Please come to donate ALONE
  • If you have cough, fever or other cold symptoms, please stay at home
  • If you have been in contact with COVID-bearers (including suspected cases), please stay at home as well

We will be glad to answer all further questions and provide information on the increased protection measures directly at the centre. You can arrange your appointments by phone, online or via Savelives App.



Kremser Straße 5
2070 Retz

Phone: +43 2942 20 333
Fax: +43 2942 20 333 22
E-Mail: retz[at]europlasma.at


Opening hours

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri:  09:00 - 19:30 
Sat:  08:00 - 13:00


Arrange an appointment at the Donation Centre Retz

Last possible donation date: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 18:30, Sat: 12:15 (Acceptance at least 45 minutes before the end of opening hours) 

Donation appointments are made every hour 8:15 or 9:15.
Please report to the reception desk at least 10 minutes before your donation appointment. To avoid waiting times for you, we recommend you to arrange an appointment.

You are already a registered donor? Here you can make your appointment:

Make an appointment

You want to donate for the first time? Arrange your first appointment now by phone or per E-Mail

+43 2942 20 333

Virtual tour of the Donation Centre Retz

Direction to Donation Centre Retz

Station Retz, then 8 minutes walk
Bus stop: Retz railway station, then 8 minutes walk
Hollabrunn - Retz: Thayatal Bundesstraße B 30
Horn - Retz: Pulkautal Bundesstraße B 45
Znojmo - Retz: via border crossing Mitterretzbach/Hnanice B 35
or via the border crossing Kleinhaugsdorf /Hatě E 59


Donation Centre Retz: Kremser Straße 5, 2070 Retz

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